Dominique Metzler

As a digital marketer, I believe that (just as it is in B2C, where the most successful companies focus on their customers) a partner-first approach is what separates good B2B companies from great ones.

Don’t Flatten Your Sales Curve – Extend It

The holiday season is often the pinnacle of success for businesses in the photo industry. It's not unusual for companies to generate up to 50% of their annual revenue over two busy months.

The whirlwind of gift-giving, family gatherings, and end-of-year celebrations creates a prime opportunity for photo businesses to thrive. However, this raises an important question: why let this momentum fade as the new year rolls in?

This blog delves into the concept of not just riding the wave of holiday sales but extending it further into the year. The focus shifts from viewing the holiday season as a singular sales peak to seeing it as the start of an ongoing opportunity. It's about transforming once-a-year shoppers into regular customers, ensuring a steady business flow well beyond the festive season.

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