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Dominique Metzler

As a digital marketer, I believe that (just as it is in B2C, where the most successful companies focus on their customers) a partner-first approach is what separates good B2B companies from great ones.

AI in Photo Products: Efficiency, Innovation & Personalization Redefined

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a technological advancement — it is driving a profound transformation in the photo product industry. By integrating AI, we are witnessing a redefinition of how we capture, organize, and cherish memories.

Boost Consumer Engagement: The Influence of Personalization on Photo Products

In today's digital age, where consumer expectations are constantly evolving, personalization in the

Don’t Flatten Your Sales Curve – Extend It

The holiday season is often the pinnacle of success for businesses in the photo industry. It's not...

2021 in Review at ip.labs

It's been a busy year for ip.labs! Whilst the pandemic forced many businesses (at least in part) to...

Something is Going on at ip.labs - We Renewed our Brand

Since we started in 2004 as one of the first providers offering a photo product software enabling...