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User-friendly Interface

  • Suited for customers with all levels of experience

  • Design without prior login

  • Intuitive to use

  • Fun and easy design process

  • Providing quick access to common features

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  • Design your photo product anywhere you want

  • Easy switch between devices & platforms

  • All changes are instantly reflected across all platforms

  • Our mobile-first design secures a smooth photo product customization with our editors even on small screens

  • The ip.labs solution is fully responsive on all platforms and devices, ensuring an outstanding trouble-free performance

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High Conversion Rates & Up-Selling potential

  • Product design process is very simple

  • Users can switch during the design process within a product category (e.g. format & size of photo book, Canvas to Acryl, change size and colors, etc.) 

  • Users get the best impression of how their product will look like - including a 3D preview (Wall Decor, Gifts)

  • Offer up-selling options like a gift box directly in the editor

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User-friendly, trouble-free editors,
outstanding in their performance.


The Heart of Your Photo Business 

  • Pictures are only loaded in the local cache. This allows the user to start even faster with designing their product and even try out the editor without the need of uploading any pictures. Only when the user saves a project to the cloud or puts it into the basket for ordering, the pictures are uploaded.

  • Users can cross-save and edit the same project on different platforms.

  • Tailored editor workflows for different product types. They do have the same user experience, while specific functionalities are adapted to the need of the specific product type (e.g. photo books vs. calendars).

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With its easy-to-use interface, our editor brings your customers joy and helps you sell more. Dive deep into your photo business journey now!
Product Owner Jennifer van Veen
Jennifer van Veen
Product Owner


The easy and joyful experience

Our desktop clients keep your customer’s photos and edits safe, so they can always access them from both Windows and Mac devices.

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Mobile SDK for Photo Commerce

More orders, more customers

Complete cross-platform package for your business: implement our editors in your mobile app & provide an outstanding experience for your customers.

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React fast to the latest trends

Manage your products & design content on your own. Create your products yourself whenever you like without any additional help from development.

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