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Photo Product Solutions for Retailers

Accelerate your business by selling personalized photo products online


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Experience the Empowerment

Your e-commerce business is focused on selling personalized photo products, or you are selling other types of products online? Find out how to maximize customer's binding or extend your portfolio by selling high-class photo products that will increase your success and help you sell more.

Sell All Kinds of Photo Products Online

Add a profitable business with high conversion rates

We provide you with the largest range of photo product editors available, from designing simple photo gifts to extensive photo books. Delight your customers by an exceptional user experience in the latest generation of our editors, and profit in result from high conversion rates.

Our mobile-first approach guarantees the same great user experience on large screens as well as on smaller devices like smartphones.  This allows you to also reach the highly relevant target groups of Gen Z and Millennials.

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Make Your Brand Stand Out

Easy Integration in your e-commerce platform or website

Easily integrate our white label offering into your existing e-commerce platform and be assured that ip.labs will never be visible to your customers at any point.

Use one of our ready-to-go plugins for the most common e-commerce systems like Magento® or Shopify®. In case you have your own system, we provide an easy-to-integrate API that integrates photo products into your own shopping basket, so you can use your own payment & shipping services. 

Strengthen your brand and differentiate from your competition by creating designs unique to your store with our powerful self-service tools.

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Focus on your customers

Let others care about operation & production

Our cloud solution is based upon the world's largest cloud vendors — Amazon Web Services (AWS). This ensures GDPR-compliant, scalable and reliable operation even in peak times.

Simply connect to one of our world-class production partners and enjoy their wide range of white label products and their quality & fulfilment services.

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Solutions for Retailers

Discover which parts of our solution suit your retail business best


E-Commerce Tools

Connect with your target groups

Our complete and flexible e-commerce solution will connect your business with your target groups.

Learn more about ip.labs e-commerce tools



Easy to use and powerful

Our editor has it all - a cross-platform performance, a user-friendly interface and flexible design options.

Learn more about ip.labs photo product editors


Self-Service Tools

React fast to the latest trends

Manage your products & design content yourself. Create your products yourself whenever you like without any additional help.

Learn more about ip.labs self-service tools

Aiming at Great Performance 

Read how ip.labs' user-friendly white-label solution helped an e-commerce store increase their flexibility and reach customer satisfaction.


Flexibility and Independence

This retailer decided to partner with ip.labs because they wanted to launch new desktop clients and mobile apps to increase customer retention and loyalty.

ip.labs worked together with their engaged full-service provider to realize this request. 

On top of that, the retailer wanted to create a harmonized user experience between their main online photo service page and their download clients and apps.

Therefore, ip.labs set up a SSO solution and a shared basket as well as a checkout workflow, together with their full-service provider. 

Another challenge that needed the assistance of ip.labs was to integrate the ip.labs software in the existing production system so fetching and rendering of orders would be faster and error-free.

Convenience and Reliable Support

From the very beginning, ip.labs and its partners had a clear definition of the project's scope.

Establishing good communication between all partners was considered to be of absolute importance, which led to a direct exchange between the developers. 

Overall, the complete project took approximately 3 months, which also includes the setup of APIs, SSO, and the checkout solution, as well as the production handling.

Another sphere that has been worked on were intense training sessions provided by ip.labs to enable the retailer’s partner to maintain products and content on their own. 

Outstanding Performance

ip.labs made it possible for the partner to have a successful launch on the planned launch date. The retailer has been very satisfied with the number of orders and download traffic in the first weeks after the launch date.

With the support of marketing activities conducted by the retailer and its partners, the number of downloaded clients was quite high from the beginning. More than 10,000 orders were placed during the first month after the launch.

Another important achievement is the work on the general setup, which ip.labs will use to cover further white-label retailer needs in the future.

With this strong backup, the retailer’s partners are fully capable to set up further clients and apps for other photo business retailers.

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