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It is that time of the year again

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This year it was very important for us to prepare a small Christmas surprise for the entire team. Together we developed the idea of giving away a little “sweet” gift for the pre-Christmas season. Individual paper gift bags were filled with chocolates, spekulatius (German Christmas biscuits) and a chocolate Santa Claus. The highlight of the gift bag was a MyFUJIFILM voucher and a personal Christmas greeting card from the team lead. Handwritten wishes and greetings were placed on different Christmas cards. 💌 This very personal touch has been a very popular tradition at ip.labs for many years. To make sure that the gift bags find a nice & appropriate place until their collection/distribution, a Christmas tree was set up in our new office, in the open coffee lounge. All bags were put underneath the Christmas tree.

Getting and decorating the Christmas tree has already become an annual tradition. During this season the local flower shop provides a wide range of Christmas trees. We quickly decided on a medium-sized tree whose back side was slightly thinner than the front. Nevertheless, this particular little tree was chosen as this year's ip.labs Christmas tree. After some trimming up with saw and hammer, the trunk fit perfectly into the Christmas tree stand. 🎄

The decoration was picked out, dusted and sorted. The light chain was unknotted only to find out that clip candles with batteries would be much more practical since you save the yearly cable fight. Conclusion: they are more practical but much more delicate to attach and a very huge waste of batteries. Next year we will stick to our good old chain of lights. We've received positive feedback about our surprise from our colleagues and we were more than happy to contribute to a festive atmosphere for the days to come. We wish everyone beautiful holidays and a Happy New Year.💙

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Written by Chadia Admoun

Being a team assistant at ip.labs for more than 4 years means I can always be there for my colleagues and help with their questions - and that's what I enjoy.