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Doubling Photo Book Sales: A Success Story with Digitalpix and ip.labs

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In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the game is a challenge every business faces. Digitalpix, a family-focused photo laboratory and printer, was no exception. Despite offering personalized photo products in five languages, they found themselves stuck in a rut with their photo book sales. For six long years, their photo book sales remained stagnant, while other aspects of their business continued to grow. The culprit? An outdated download-only software designed initially for professional photographers, which didn't resonate with their current target audience of families. Dive into the following article to discover Digitalpix' journey towards success by partnering with ip.labs.


Digital Pix's Challenging Journey

Digitalpix's journey towards success wasn't without its share of obstacles. The complex download-only software they were using, though excellent for professional photographers, didn't align with the preferences of family customers. Families wanted a more user-friendly and accessible solution to create their personalized photo products. This misalignment led to stagnation in their photo book sales, a significant concern for Digitalpix. They knew they had to adapt to the evolving market and cater to the needs of their customers.

Modern Web Photo Product Editor Solution

Thankfully, Digitalpix found a partner who could help them overcome this challenge and transform their fortunes. ip.labs, a renowned name in the industry, understood Digitalpix's pain points and was more than willing to help. They proposed a modern web editor solution tailored to the needs of family customers, along with download clients for existing customers who preferred the old system.

The implementation of these editors took just six weeks, and the impact was astounding.

The Game-Changing Results 

Within a year of implementing ip.labs' modern web editors and download clients, Digitalpix witnessed a remarkable transformation in their photo book sales. The results were nothing short of astonishing:

book-user-duotoneDoubled Photo Book Sales

The most remarkable achievement was that Digitalpix nearly doubled their photo book sales compared to the previous year. This wasn't just a slight uptick; it was a game-changer for the business.


badge-dollar-duotone77% Increase in Revenue

The increase in photo book sales naturally led to a substantial boost in revenue, with a staggering 77% growth. This was a testament to the fact that Digitalpix had not only caught up with the market but had also moved ahead.


user-plus-duotone-3Attracting New Customers

With the introduction of the modern web editors, Digitalpix started attracting new customers who found the user-friendly interface appealing. Families who were once hesitant to use the complex download-only software were now flocking to Digitalpix to create their personalized photo products.


Digitalpix's success story is a testament to the importance of understanding your target audience and providing them with the tools they need. With the help of ip.labs' modern web editors, Digitalpix not only addressed the problem of stagnant photo book sales but also catapulted their business to new heights. The lesson here is clear: Adapt, evolve, and never underestimate the power of understanding your customers' needs.

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