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Benefits of Product Personalization

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Product personalization is becoming increasingly important for today's businesses. It not only gives customers the opportunity to design a product to their likings, but it also binds the customer emotionally to a business and it’s brand. It has a quite big influence in digital design (websites and apps) as a result of new technologies. Personalization in this context indicates that products and services may be adjusted to suit to various clients who value originality. 

The purpose of customizable photo products is to fully engage consumers in the creation of their desired order and add their personal taste to it, making it one of a kind. This, on its side, gives the customer the rewarding feeling of turning a normal photo item to something very personal and emotionally saturated.

The Need for Product Personalization and Why it Matters

Research performed by Smart Insights shows that 86% of consumers believe that personalization has a huge impact on what they purchase. Moreover, according to Invesp, a marketing consultant company, 53% of online customers think that companies who customize the purchasing experience are delivering a high – skilled service.

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                                                                 (source: Smart Insights)

According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), enterprises that support consumers' 'psychological ownership' can motivate them to not only buy more things at a greater price, but also recommend a company and its products to their friends on their own initiative. When consumers become so immersed in a product that it becomes an extension of themselves," this is referred to as psychological ownership. A very sentimental feeling develops when a consumer believes that objects, ideas or people are very personal to them and are 'theirs.' This might occur as a result of exercising control over a service, investing in something, or thoroughly knowing something. 

At a time when people are becoming more careful of what they buy and use, the world has reached the era of celebrating individuality in its many forms and possibilities. This is why companies all over the world start responding to those specific market needs.

Companies grow by giving their consumers what they desire. Product personalization makes all of this possible by asking customers what they want. It allows the consumer to pick their preferred colour, size, or design with only a few clicks, allowing them to put an individual emotional touch to the product they want. Simply put - there is no other product as personal as personalized photo products.

The Numerous Advantages of Product Personalization

Marketing strategies are everywhere in today's environment and every company is trying to leverage sales. Personalized products, however, break through the noise and communicate directly to a consumer by giving them a field for creativity and realizing all of his requirements.

The chance for product personalization has various advantages for both a company and their buyers.

  1. Increase Word of Mouth Marketing
    People are attracted to products that stand out and are of good quality. So much to the point they’d regularly share their experience and praise it to their close people. If a client is committed to a brand and happy with the products a business offers, it is quite possible that they would suggest this brand to others, causing more people to buy the items.

  2. Get Relevant Insights
    Customized products (for instance, a personalized photo mug), as opposed to non-customized competitors, may help companies gain a deeper understanding of their consumers' preferences (size, colours, design elements, etc.) and employ data analytics to identify and effectively meet their requests. Knowing what the customers want will also provide a competitive advantage in the market, which adds up to one of the many benefits product personalization has.

  3. Make Better Sales
    According to Harvard Business Review, when customers are given the chance to customize their desired products, they buy more and are more likely to recommend the brand to other people. For the photo product businesses, better sales can easily be generated when the products meet the demands of the customers for high quality, thus adding to customer loyalty. Of course, it is not only enough for a product to be easily customizable, but its quality should also be impressive.

  4. Justify Higher Prices
    Consumers are willing to pay more for products that they have created themselves as compared to non-customizable ones. Since the client considers self-designed products to be more significant than conventional ones, they consider the extra fee is justified and do not mind spending more money in order to get the desired item.

  5. Win Customer Loyalty
    A company's ability to maintain loyal customers is essential to its success. Buyers are all different people and have diverse desires and requirements, a one-size-fits-all strategy may not work for everyone. When customers order a specific product, they desire from a brand and create themselves, makes it much more secure to boost customer loyalty and happiness.

    It is also important to offer personalization options that differ from your business’ competitors. With high-quality, one-of-a-kind product customization options, you offer your customers a pleasant experience that will stick with them, and they will return to your brand again in the future. 

Product customization helps businesses to better meet their customers needs and improve their purchasing experience. As a result, companies must give unique services to customers and make their wanted products easy to customize. This ensured that the buyers get high quality products that 100% meet their expectations since they have independently designed them.

On top of that, product personalization makes the customers feel valued since they are given tailor-made items, which enhances client loyalty and commitment, resulting in improved revenue for every photo product company.

If you also want to benefit from personalized photo products, you are welcome to reach out and discuss your business case with our product experts.

Written by Darsi Guneshka

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