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PGX Android online only mode

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With the new Version 3.2 of our PhotoGenie Cross Plattform (PGX) the PGX Android App will be available within an “online only mode“. This feature makes mobile clients usable with an internet connection and without the upfront-download of offline files like product data and graphical ressources in order to make the app smaller and leaner.

As large apps are more likely to be uninstalled and lead to low ratings in the Google Play Store, small and fast apps experience frequent usage, lower uninstall rates and more conversions.

The full featured offline PGX Android App is still available for business-partners who want to give their users the opportunity to create photoproducts in areas, countries or situations with unsufficient internet connections.

If you would like to know more about this new feature or our products in general, please contact either your responsible project manager or ip.labs with the contact form.

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